Nutritional Consultation

What does the consultation involve?

Before the consultation

Before a consultation you will be asked to complete a detailed confidential health questionnaire and food diary. Using this information during the initial consultation allows me to build a comprehensive picture of your lifestyle, eating habits, medical history and any concerns you have about your health.

During the consultation

  • Working together we compile a programme to suit your needs and lifestyle. This will be designed to educate and motivate you to change.
  • You will also receive guidance on supplements that will support your programme, if necessary.
  • Functional testing may be used although this is optional and can be discussed during the consultation.

After the consultation

  • You will receive a personalised pack which includes all the information you need to support you through your programme.
  • The advice given is practical and aims to reflect your lifestyle and budget whilst addressing your health concerns. It is not a replacement for medical advice.
  • A follow-up is recommended after the initial consultation to monitor progress and to develop the programme.
  • Clients are encouraged to keep in touch by phone/e-mail. Telephone and e-mail support for two weeks after the first consultation is included in the price.

Consultation Types 

Full Consultation Typically 75 to 90 minutes

Follow Up Consultation Typically 45 to 60 minutes Consultation Packages

Consultation Packages

This includes one full consultation and 2 follow up consultations over 3-6 months at a reduced price.

Diet MOT Typically 30 minutes – Ideal Starter Pack

This is aimed at people who do not have specific health issues, but feel they could make improvements to their diet. You will fill in a food diary over 5 days which will be analysed and then I will provide recommendations to optimise your diet and improve health.

Book now or call for a free telephone consultation to find out if and how a nutrition and lifestyle programme could benefit you. These calls usually last 10 to 15 minutes and you get the chance to ask questions about your health, the programme, the process and what is required from you.

Costs: Please Call Р07740 933263 

Please note: If you are unable to keep your appointment please let me know at least 48 hours prior to the appointment.

Otherwise, regrettably, you may be charged a cancellation fee to cover costs incurred.

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